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February 2023 News and Notes

Our February meeting will be on Tuesday, February 21st at Noon at the Out-O-Town Club or via Zoom. The program topic regards regulations and practices surrounding broadcast towers today. It was originally presented to Chapter 25. Presenters were Bill Harland and John Robinson, PE of ERI in Chandler, IN. One of the members, Doug Garlinger, stated “This presentation should be watched by every US broadcast engineer involved with a tower.” The Zoom link in is the newsletter.

Our Feburary Newsletter is available now.

September 2019 News and Notes

Our next meeting will be Tuesday, September 17th at noon at the Out-o-Town Club in Kaukauna. Our guest speaker will be Nick vanHaaster, Regional Sales Manager for GATESAIR. Nick will present “Taking Your HD Signal to the Next Level using Gen4 Technology.” He will give a complete walkthrough to better understand the differences between the current Gen3 HD Radio technology and the latest Gen4 release. This presentation will address important features such as automatic time & alignment, SFN integration and increased HD with the implementation of HCFR (Hybrid Crest Factor Reduction).

Lunch will be provided courtesy of GatesAir.

The September newsletter is available below.