The Required Monthly Test (RMT) will occur on the First Wednesday of the month.

Wisconsin stations should receive an RMT from their regional NOAA weather station on odd months at approximately 8:50am.

On even months stations should receive an RMT either from the Educational Communications Board (ECB) Telecommunications Operations Center or from the Wisconsin Emergency Management office (WEM) at Truax Field in Madison, through the State Relay stations at approximately 11:50pm.

If an RMT is carried by the Wisconsin Public Radio stations, they will normally NOT carry a Weekly Test since only one test per week is required. If for some reason a Required Weekly Test is missed or impaired, it will be “made up” on the Friday of that week at the same scheduled time of day.

The WPR EAS Schedule for the current year, the current Wisconsin EAS Plan, the EAS Event Codes, the Amber Alert documentation and the FCC 2007 AM & FM EAS Handbook can be found on this page.

If you have questions on this or other EAS issues, contact the EAS coordinatior in your operational area. The East Central area is handled by Steve Knopka (920-336-3541).

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