May 2021 News and Notes

May Meeting

Our May meeting will be Tuesday, May 18th at Noon at the Out-O-Town Club in Kaukauna or via Microsoft Teams (link in the newsletter). Our presenter will be Phil Larsen, Vice President of Airborne Division – QForce. QForce is using drone technology to help stations with all sorts of RF requests and needs. Focusing primarily on broadcast measurements that were, for a long time, very tough to get without current drone technology.

About QForce and Phil Larsen – Phil Larsen has exceptional industry experience in the Commercial Construction, Broadcast/Telecommunication and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s) and business development as a proven business leader, but is considered one of the foremost experts in these industries. Phil has worked for DoD, NSA, CIA, Navy and other governmental agencies in multiple capacities and most recently consulted numerous country and military leaders on strategic applications in internal security measures via UAVs. As the Vice President of QForce the Airborne Division of QCommunications and is leading the RF collection via drones globally.

May Newsletter

Our May newsletter is now available.

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