Marty Jury 2020 Chapter Engineer of the Year

SBE Chapter 80 recognizes Martin Jury as our Chapter Engineer of the Year.

Martin currently serves as the Director – Network Operations for Relevant Radio, Inc. in Green Bay, WI. In that role he is responsible for the day to day operation of all Relevant Radio Network studios. He coordinates all operations for live and special broadcasts on the network. His other major responsibilities include Assisting the Global Digital Team in online streaming broadcasts, evaluating future station acquisitions and spectrum analysis, and serving as the Project Manager for the Chicago Network studio and Chicago Stations studio build out. He has been a huge part of Relevant Radio starting from the beginning of 1 radio station to the current 103 owned and operated stations. His latest undertaking has been switching the network over to the X-Digital/XDS satellite platform for all affiliates. Martin currently serves as the Vice-Chair of SBE Chapter 80.

Congratulations Marty!

2 thoughts on “Marty Jury 2020 Chapter Engineer of the Year”

  1. Congrats Marty! I learned so much from you when you were my boss, things I still practice in my day to day processes. Thanks for being such a patient mentor.

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