Fundraising Update

Thanks to all of you who have supported the Kwik Trip Gas Card fundraiser over the past several years.  Thanks to eight dedicated participants and the generosity of the Kwik Trip organization, we have raised about $4,000 (40% of our goal).  We originally set out to raise $10,000 in order to fund our annual obligation to the Don Borchert Fellowship Foundation at the Wisconsin Broadcaster’s Association without having to “pass the hat” on an annual basis.  I am proud that our membership has helped get us to this point.

Kwik Trip has announced changes to their fund raising program which will effectively reduce the donation from 10% of the gas card purchase to 5% plus a bonus if the card is spent on in store merchandise.  I predict that this will mean about a 6% or 7% donation instead of the 10% we have enjoyed for the past three years. While this is a bit disappointing, we are still grateful for what Kwik Trip is doing and hope that we can make up the difference by getting more participation in the program.

Here is Chapter 80’s plan to deal with these changes:

  1. First, encourage all existing participants to continue as they have been – this has been a terrific fund raising program that really is quite painless for our participants! Keep up the good work guys!
  2. Second, try and encourage more participation and more sales. The people who have done this successfully have just made it part of their routine with regular purchases – it is hassle free and cost free for participants. Just requires a few simple changes of habit.
  3. Chapter 80 will pre buy as many gas cards as it responsibly can before the end of the year to maximize the fund raising benefit.
  4. Chapter 80 will look into another fund raising program with another area gas station/convenience store group who offers a similar fund raising plan. If compatible with our group’s goals, we plan to offer another option in case that is more desirable to our membership.
  5. Encourage all members to at least ask a participant how it works for them so they can determine if this program is something they could support.
  6. Offer the heartiest of “thank yous” and congratulations to the participants who have gotten us to this point:  Tim Laes, John Pfankuch, Steve Brown, Mike Steele, Mark Friedman, Bill Hubbard, Rita Brown and Keith Kintner.  These individuals have purchased approximately $40,000 in gasoline, car washes and convenience store purchases on behalf of SBE Chapter 80 and the Don Borchert Fellowship Foundation.  Seems like a huge number but it was done a tank of gas and a sandwich at a time. Thank you all for helping the Chapter.

Please contact me if you have any questions or would like details on how you can participate. You can buy the gas and gift cards at most local Chapter 80 meetings or we can arrange to securely mail or otherwise deliver them to you.  Some members have actually set up automatic payments to the Chapter and receive a card or two monthly at intervals that are convenient to them.  Easy and convenient!  Consider trying it!

Steve Brown