Chapter Engineer of the Year

Chapter Engineer of the YearThe Fox Valley Wisconsin Chapter of the Society of Broadcast Engineers is proud to
announce the selection of Tim Laes as the Chapter 80 “Engineer of the Year”.

Tim is the Director of Engineering for Midwest Communications of Green Bay, a group owner of over 60 radio stations in several states in the region. In his role, he has helped the company in all stages of acquiring, building, rebuilding and repairing studio and transmitter facilities in many markets. This often requires long hours, many travel miles and time away from home and family.
Tim has been an active SBE member since 1996, serving as a local frequency coordinator for the Chapter since then and also holding the office of Chapter Chairman from 2010 to 2012. He is currently Vice Chairman of Chapter 80 and serves on the Executive Committee. Tim is also an active supporter of Chapter 80’s fund raising activities.
Tim still manages to find time to generously extend assistance to smaller broadcasters who may not have an engineer of their own, repairing sick transmitters and audio consoles and nursing otherwise neglected stations back to health. He is generous about sharing his knowledge with others and does so with humility and a sense of humor. Tim (W9EE)
also is an Extra Class Amateur Radio Operator and enjoys his ham radio hobby when time permits, especially on 40 and 160 meters. Tim serves two local area ham clubs as a volunteer examiner too.
Tim has been married to wife Lori for 19 years and has three children at home: Reanna (16), Caden (14), and Cash (9).
Congratulations Tim!